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Cy Twombly: The Last Paintings

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Cy Twombly: "The Last Paintings" Installation view

Cy Twombly: “The Last Paintings” Installation view

Saturday at the Galleries :
I just went to see Cy Twombly’s last paintings – remarkably beautiful and this photo does not capture the depth of the paintings. It is a must see exhibition.
I also went to Luxembourg & Dayan Gallery and viewed the deeply disturbing work of Norwegian Bjarne Melgaard which I cannot even show you a picture of because it is so graphic.
The press release states his novels have graphic violence, explicit sado sex, good and bad can proliferate freely. This exhibit coincides with the publication of his new novel.
The townhouse is completely taken over and is clausterphobic in its presentation. It is interesting to see these two shows together, equally valid. ¬†With Twombly one is transported by simple brushstrokes, Melgaard’s work is intentionally repulsive but it is easy to stop and stare at his stop animation “snuff film” – throughly disgusting but mesmerizing at the same time.